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Frequently Asked Questions











What shipping methods can I choose from?           


We ship domestic orders via:

- Kurier48

- Kurier DPD
- Paczkomaty Inpost

- international priority registered mail
- international priority registered package
- international DPD courier service


You can also pick up your shopping by yourself in Warsaw (neat Słodowiec metro station), after previously contacting us (at to set the day and the time of the pick-up. A cup of tea and biscuits will be waiting! :)



When will I receive my package?


We ship within 2 working days after receiveing payment.


Domestic Kurier48 is delivered within 1-3 working days after shipping (depending on the shipping hour).

Domestic DPD courier is delivered the following working day after shipping.
Paczkomaty Inpost are delivered within 1-3 working days after shipping

For international delivery times please see the tables in paragraph 'How much is the shipping cost?'



How can I pay for my shopping?          


You can pay for your shopping:

- by bank transfer
- by Payu

- in cash at self pick-up

- by PayPal (only for international shipping and Euro currency)


How much is the shipping cost?                        


Kurier48 and Paczkomaty Inpost - domestic:


Order value

Poczta Polska
Kurier 48

Poczta Polska
Kurier 48 cash on delivery

Paczkomat Inpost

up to 150 PLN

10 PLN

13 PLN

10,44 PLN

between 150 PLN and 200 PLN


10 PLN


more thank 200 PLN

















Courier DPD - domestic:


Order Value

DPD domestic courier

DPD domestic courier
cash on delivery

up to 100 PLN

15 PLN

17 PLN

between 100 PLN and

200 PLN

12 PLN

15 PLN

between 200 PLN and 300 PLN


12 PLN

up to 300 PLN


10 PLN

DPD international courier service:


CountryShipping cost in PLN for orders valued below 850 PLN (approx. 200EUR)Shipping cost in PLN for orders valued 850 PLN and over (approx. 200EUR)The expected delivery time in working days.
Austria56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)3
Belgium56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
Bosnia and Herzegovina123 PLN (approx. 29EUR)149 PLN (approx. 35EUR)6
Bulgaria90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)4
Croatia123 PLN (approx. 29EUR)149 PLN (approx. 35EUR)4
Czech Republic56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
Denmark56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)3
Estonia56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
Finland90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)4
France90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)3
Guernsey90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)4
Greece123 PLN (approx. 29EUR)149 PLN (approx. 35EUR)5
Spain123 PLN (approx. 29EUR)149 PLN (approx. 35EUR)4
Netherlands56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
Ireland123 PLN (approx. 29EUR)149 PLN (approx. 35EUR)4
Jersey90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)4
Lichtenstein90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)4
Lithuania56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
Luxembourg56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
Latvia56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
Germany56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
Norway123 PLN (approx. 29EUR)149 PLN (approx. 35EUR)5
Portugal123 PLN (approx. 29EUR)149 PLN (approx. 35EUR)4
Romania90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)3
Serbia123 PLN (approx. 29EUR)149 PLN (approx. 35EUR)6
Slovakia56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
Slovenia90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)4
Switzerland90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)4
Sweden90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)3
Hungary56 PLN (approx. 13EUR)102 PLN (approx. 24EUR)2
United Kingdom and Northern Ireland90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)3
Italy90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)4
The Isle Of Man90 PLN (approx. 21EUR)107 PLN (approx. 25EUR)4

International priority registered mail:


 Shipping cost for orders valued below 107 PLN (approx 25EUR)Shipping cost for orders valued between 107 PLN and 213 PLN approx 50EUR)
All countries47 PLN (approx 11 EUR)81 PLN approx 19 EUR)


International priority registered package:



CountryShipping priceThe expected delivery time in working days.
Afghanistan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Albania145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)no information available
Algeria229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Angola229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)9
Anguilla280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Antigua and Barbuda280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Saudi Arabia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Argentina280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)7
Armenia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Aruba280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Australia386 PLN (approx 91 EUR)6
Azerbaijan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Bahamas280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Bahrain280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Bangladesh280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6-9
Barbados280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Belize280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Benin229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)4-9
Bermuda229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Bhutan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)12
Belarus132 PLN (approx 31 EUR)4-8
Bolivia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)7
Botswana229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Brazil280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)7-9
Brunei280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)7
Virgin Islands (British)280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Burkina Faso229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7-8
Burundi229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Chile280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)8
China280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6-8
HongKong280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Macau280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Saint Martin280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Cyprus145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)5-7
Chad229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)12-19
Montenegro145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)5-7
Dominica280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Dominican Republic280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Djibouti229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Egypt229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7
Ecuador280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)7
Eritrea229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Fiji386 PLN (approx 91 EUR)7
Philippines280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)11-12
Gabon229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)8
Gambia229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Ghana229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7
Gibraltar145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)6
Grenada280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Georgia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Guyana280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
French Guiana280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Guadeloupe280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Guatemala280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Guinea229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)9-11
Guinea-Bissau229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Equatorial Guinea229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Haiti280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Honduras280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
India280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)8
Indonesia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)9
Iraq280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Iran280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)8
Iceland145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)5-6
Israel145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)7-9
Jamaica280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)7
Japan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Yemen280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Jordan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)8
Cayman Islands280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Cambodia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)12
Cameroon229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6-7
Canada229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6-7
Qatar280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Kazakhstan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)5-7
Kenya229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Kyrgyzstan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)7
Kiribati386 PLN (approx 91 EUR)no information available
Colombia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Comoros229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)8
Congo, Republic229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7
Congo, Dem. Republic229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7
South Korea280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6-7
Korea, Dem. Republic of280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Costa Rica280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Cuba280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)9
Kuwait280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Laos280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Lesotho229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Lebanon280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Liberia229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Libya229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Macedonia145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)5-6
Madagascar229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Mayotte229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Malawi229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6-9
Malaysia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)7
Mali229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)10
Malta145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)4
Morocco229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Martinique280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Mauritania229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Mauritius229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Mexico229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7
Moldova145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)4-6
Mongolia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)9
Mozambique229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7
Burma (Myanmar)280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Namibia229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)8
Nauru386 PLN (approx 91 EUR)no information available
Nepal280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)14
Niger229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7
Nigeria229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7
Nicaragua280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
New Caledonia386 PLN (approx 91 EUR)6
New Zealand386 PLN (approx 91 EUR)6
Oman280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6-7
Pakistan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6-7
Panama280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)10
Papua New Guinea386 PLN (approx 91 EUR)11
Paraguay280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Peru280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6-8
French Polynesia386 PLN (approx 91 EUR)6
South Africa229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6-7
Central African Republic229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)11
Cape Verde229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)8-11
Reunion Island229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Russian Federation145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)7-14
Rwanda229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)7-9
El Salvador280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Senegal229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6-7
Seychelles229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Sierra Leone229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Singapore280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Somalia229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Sri Lanka280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)7
United States229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Swaziland229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Sudan229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
South Sudan229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)no information available
Suriname280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Syria280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Saint Kitts and Nevis280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Saint Lucia280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
São Tomé and Príncipe229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Tajikistan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6-11
Thailand280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)8
Taiwan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Tanzania229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Togo229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)8-10
Trinidad and Tobago280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)no information available
Tunisia229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Turkey145 PLN (approx 34 EUR)8-9
Turkmenistan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)8
Uganda229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)8
Ukraine132 PLN (approx 31 EUR)6-7
Uruguay280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6
Uzbekistan280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6-7
Vanuatu386 PLN (approx 91 EUR)6
Vatican City State132 PLN (approx 31 EUR)3
Venezuela280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)8-11
Vietnam280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)4
Ivory Coast229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)11
Zambia229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
Zimbabwe229 PLN (approx 54 EUR)6
United Arab Emirates280 PLN (approx 66 EUR)6






Can I pick my order up by myself?           


Of course. You can visit us to pick up your order and have a nice cup of tea as well. :)  

Self pick-up is possible in Warsaw, near the Słodowiec metro station. Contact us at to set a date and a time convenient for you.


Can I receive an invoice?                    


Yes, we issue invoices per request. If you wish to receive an invoice for your shopping, make sure to write about it when placing your order and fill in the company details.


If you are an EU based entrepreneur with a valid EU VAT number, reverse VAT charge mechanism will be applied.


How can I check my order’s status?             


Your current order status is displayed in ‘My account’ -> ‘Order history and details’ section after you log in to our shop.  You also get an email notification of every change in order status.


I’d like to change my order. How can I do that?                  


If you order status has not yet been changed to ‘Shipped’, you can change your order. Email us as soon as possible at!


I haven’t received my package. What should I do?                 


Contact us at We’ll give you the package numer, find out the shipping status and rush the carrier. :)


May I return my shopping?                      


You can return all products as long as their condition has remained unaltered within 14 days of receiving the package without stating the reasons by filling in a notice of cancellation (in accordance with „art. 7 ust. 1 ustawy z dnia 2 marca 2000 r. o ochronie niektórych praw konsumentów (Dz.U. nr 22, poz. 271 ze zm.)”, which is an act incorporating European Directive 97/7/EC into Polish law). We will then reimburse you for the full cost of the goods as well initial shipping costs. The return shipping costs are paid by the consumer.

If you want to give a notice of cancellation, contact us at

The Polish notice of cancellation template can be downloaded here. Contact us to be supplied with an English language version.


How can I file a complaint?            


If you are not satisfied with your shopping, please contact us at We will analyse your complaint, which, when accepted, will result in replacing the products or a refund.

You can download the Polish complaint form templates here. Contact us to be supplied with an English language version.


What are loyalty points?            


You collect loyalty points whenever you shop with us. Every 10 PLN spent transfer to 1 loyalty point worth 0,20 PLN. For example, placing an order of 53 PLN will result in receiving 5 loyalty points, worth 1 PLN. You can exchange your points into vouchers at any time and use them when shopping to receive a discount.


What are vouchers?                      


You receive vouchers by exchanging your loyalty points. When you decide to use your points, simply log on to your account and exchange them into a voucher. The automatically generated voucher code can be used in your Cart when placing an order, resulting in a discount for this order. To use a voucher, place a minimum order of 100 PLN.